Their are 4 match & pleasure pools at commonwood fishery making it one of the best venues in the area, what ever your standard from beginner to match professional you will find a water to suit your needs here.


Tryfan Lake is a lake designed for match fishing. It has 22 pegs, each having their own individual feature. This lake is stocked with Carp, Roach, Skimmers and Rudd, Tryfan was extensively remodeled in 2015 with a new new central island. The water boasts high stocking levels of quality fish in a range of sizes providing the perfect venue for all your match fishing requirements.


Glyndwr Lake has a similar stocking of fish as Tryfan lake. Glyndwr has 18 pegs plus 2 disabled pegs. This lake can be used for either match fishing or pleasure.


Aran lake is a traditional Tench fishing lake. The water contains some good tench to 7lb as well as a few carp and coarse fish, its a natural pool so if fishing between weed is what you like then this is the lake for you. Aran has one purpose built peg and also the ability to stalk from one bank, This pool is day fishing only.


This is our canal lake, it is popular with matches, it has a mixed selection of Silverfish, tench, Crucian and carp and is fishable all through the winter.